Products & Services

Our Solutions:

Technicom Electronics has solutions for:

Obsolete parts
Passive and active components delivered at your specification
Cable-and wire assemblies
Proto pcb assembly
Small production series of assembled pcb’s
Testing of assemblies
Fine mechanical parts, also customer designed
Check on replication of new designs

Worldwide distributor
As an independent distributor we can purchase all fabricates worldwide, for all of your needs. We also can give support on technical issues as there are: a new development of electronics and the check for  reproducibility of a newly designed product.
Customers can also get support for an alternative component for an obsolete part, or a cheaper fabricate as a second source.

Because of our independence we can give alternatives on your Bill of Materials so you have the benefits of cost reduction.

When interested;
Please send your Bill of Materials to:

Stock control
Technicom Electronics will take control of your stock so you have your hands on your core business.
We keep in stock about 55000 electronic products, and older products for repairs.
We can determine the value of your remaining stock, and possible sell it.
We also can take management of your stock of remaining electronic components, make an offer, and sell it for you.

Passive, active and electromechanical components.
Passive components as there are:
Capacitors (multi layer, ceramic, electrolytical), Filters (input, adjustment), Coils, Oscillators, Potentiometers, Resistors, Transformers, PCB’s (test, proto) etc.

Active components as there are:
Diodes, Convertors, Discrete Semiconductors, IC’s, Memories, Transistors, LCD’s, Rectifiers, IGBT’s etc.

Electromechanical components as there are:
Connectors, Cable parts, Relays, Fuses, Cables, Wiring, Knobs (push, turn), Switches, IC sockets, Power cords, Coaxial cable, Loudspeakers, Microphones, Plug’s, Heat Sinks etc.

Special components.
According specification:
Assembling of data- control- and power cables, small mechanical parts as there are cogwheels, threaded spindles, worm wheels.
Assembling cabinets and front/control panels.