Our Mission

1 | Market dynamics and customer’s need The electronics market moves and Technicom Electronics moves along. We know and recognize the demand for new products, and therefore, you as a customer, never have to wait. Because today you have everything needed and tomorrow nothing, right? Technicom Electronics has the flexibility to deal with that.
2 | Key skills and strengths. Technicom Electronics can answer your question, national or international. We have a free stock of about 55,000 products. If it's a complete Bill of Material, an obsolete part, an alternative technical solution, a tested print, a proto type print or a cable, custom made and on time delivered cables, cabinets etc. We as Technicom Electronics can achieve that for you. Also with our knowledge and connections, within the agreed delivery time.
3 | Competitiveness and the chance of leadership Technicom Electronics has no competitor with an equal concept in the electronics market. We therefore want to hold a leadership position in our field of activity.

Our Vision

Technicom Electronics looks into the future, as a result we have our vision summarized in seven targets:

  • Sense the need of the customer.
  • Create new markets and services.
  • To satisfy customers with components and a good service.
  • Compete and differentiate on the electronics market.
  • Obtain leadership in the electronics sector.
  • Be an excellent company to work for.
  • To grow and be profitable.

Some of our satisfied customers